Organic Fertilizer for organic and conventional agriculture

Zero residue. Ensures compliance with export analysis

Reduces the period of safety in harvesting

Favors human food and the environment

Minimal danger to people who apply and handle these products.


International industry



Spanish Ecological Control Certificate

European Organic Agriculture

German Ecological Certificate

American Organic Products Certificate

Ecological Control Certificate for Spanish inputs

Vegan Bio-ecological Certificate

German Animal Food Certificate

Chinese Organic Products Certificate

Specific treatments


Zero residue. Ensures compliance with the export analysis

Reduces the safety period in the collection

Innovative developments for agriculture


In the elaboration of our products, a very exhaustive tracking process is followed to guarantee the maximum quality of the final product. For it:

  • Analytical controls are carried out at the entrance of all raw materials to guarantee that there are no phytosanitary residues, in addition to verifying that they have their ecological certificates.
  • Most of the raw materials come from our own organic crops, so we can guarantee the highest quality free of waste.
  • In our facilities, the closed circuit of handling, manufacturing and packaging exclusively of ecological raw materials is carried out, thus avoiding possible contamination in the process.
  • Homogeneity controls are carried out in the batches of manufactured feed that guarantee correct mixing of the product.
  • Nutritional values of each batch of feed manufactured are analyzed to guarantee its correct formulation.
  • There is an internal quality control to guarantee proper maintenance and cleaning of the facilities and machinery involved in the process.


Our technology allows us to obtain products adapted to all needs, as well as offering personalized solutions to our clients in packages of:

  • Pack of 1 Kg
  • Pack of 5 Kgs
  • Pack of 20 Kgs
  • Pack of 1000 Kgs

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