Grape seed oil, Grape tannins from organic and traditional agriculture


Grape derivatives


Grape seed oil

Quality and care from the origin


BioVid identifies products derived from grapes. In particular, a 100% natural oil with multiple organoleptic properties for our skin and our organism is extracted from the grape seed.

After a physical extraction method, by cold pressing the organic grape seed, distributed in several phases, and without chemical alterations in its structure.

Subsequently subjected to a filtering process, a nutrient-rich and totally ecological and natural compound is obtained.

It is a product in suspended matter or sediment. Turbidity-free Does not contain any type of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

Essential oil with antioxidants


Grape seed oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A. It has a high concentration of linoleic acid (76%), omega 6 and omega 3, as well as important substances that help reduce skin inflammation.

It is very rich in resveratrol and a powerful antioxidant that helps regenerate wrinkles.

A magnificent anti-aging. A daily application of hydration provides greater facial luminosity, as it is very suitable for dry skin.

Cosmetic applications of Grape seed oil

Anti wrinkle

Along with its great variety of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that promote good skin health, it contains properties that help penetrate the skin, introducing all its components to regenerate tissue, favoring the elimination of wrinkles and improving expression lines. 


Organic grape seed oil is used as a base for the production of aromatic oils. It does not provide any aroma that can alter the mixture, maintaining its properties.


An extraordinary application of organic grape seed oil is to heal the ends and repair damaged hair, protecting the scalp from external aggressions and strengthening it to prevent it from falling out.


Especially indicated for eroded or damaged skin. Its regenerative qualities reinforce the barrier function of the epidermis, making the skin retain better hydration.


Improves blood circulation and skin elasticity. This grape seed oil is ideal to combat cellulite. In massages with this type of oil, the effects become surprising and visible in 14 days.

Skin protector

Grape oil has anti-inflammatory and protective properties against UV rays. This is not to say that it acts as a sunscreen entirely, but it can prevent the development of severe sunburn.

After shave

Due to its pleasant texture and regenerating properties, it can be used as an after-shave lubricant.


It favors the processes of skin repair and healing, so it can help us in cases of small wounds and scars.

Skin blemishes

Prevents and controls skin blemishes

Vegetable Water

Organic grape seed vegetable water

From the organic juice of the grape

Biological Vegetable Water


Our organic grape water is extracted after a complex, completely natural process that keeps its richness intact.

This high quality water is rich in polysaccharides and trace elements. In cosmetics and pharmacy it has immutable applications for its ultra-hydrating, refreshing and soothing properties.

For its low concentration of minerals and its beneficial properties, it constitutes a high quality water for the preparation of baby food, infusions and other healthy foods.

Derived from grape seed

Derived from grapes for food use

Grape seed tannin

Sweet flavor obtained from organic grape seed whose extraction is free of chemical processes.

Used for the aging of white, rosé and red wines. Contributes to taste harmony, structure and length in the mouth. Protects the wine in the oxidation process. Helps set the color of the wine.

Indicated for oenological use, agri-food, cosmetic and medicinal industry

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Biological Vegetable Water

Grape seed tannins

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