Vinegars and derivatives of Wine, Olive Oil, all based on organic and traditional agriculture

Wine vinegars

Grape derivatives


The Vinegars

Wine vinegars

Quality and care from the origin


Wine vinegar, derived from the acetic fermentation of wine alcohol, is a fundamental element in food and gastronomy.

Its nutritional preservation capacity for pickles, such as its gastronomic use in aromatic dressings and sauce, make this product unique.

Coming from wine made with airén, garnacha or tempranillo grapes, of our own production, under organic farming, they provide superior vinegars.

Our balsamic vinegars, made using the Orleans method and following the tradition of the balsamic vinegar of Modena, are aged in our cellars to their required ripening point.


Grape derivatives

Derived from grapes for food use


Red and White


BioMacatela is the first concentrated natural sweetener, derived from white grape must, from the Arien variety or red grapes, from the Grenache variety.

It is a concentrated natural juice of organic grapes and its use is perfect for food as a natural sweetener

The oil

Olive oil on organic farming

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the only one


Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the corincabra and arbequina varieties, from own olive groves under organic farming.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, first cold pressed, has exceptional organoleptic qualities for our health.

Its use in gastronomy is essential where it highlights and emphasizes the different aromas and flavors of food

Grape Seed Oil


Grape seed oil is extracted from the first cold pressing of organic grape seeds.
After pressing the grapes and dehydrating the skin with hot air, in a temperatura between 60-70ºC, the skin is separated from the grapes, and grape seeds are extracted clearly.
From this already clean grape seed that the oil is obtained by cold pressing. Afterwards this oil is filtered until obtaining a refined oil to be bottled.

Grape Seed Oil is rich in linoleic acid, Omega 6, Omega 3, vitamin E and flavonoids.
In addition to fighting cholesterol, its polyphenols, among which resveratrol stands out, have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to improve metabolic health.ol.

Quality of organic products

International industry



Spanish Ecological Control Certificate

European Organic Agriculture

German Ecological Certificate

American Organic Products Certificate

Chinese Organic Products Certificate

Galician Veal Certificate

German Animal Food Certificate

Vegan Bio-ecological Certificate

Winery included in the La Mancha Wine Route

Vineyards of Castilla-La Mancha

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